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Brown, John Jr.: born Sept 1, 1860. Year known to play: 1899 (Forward).

Cassiday, John: born March 14, 1878. Years known to play 1899-1904 (Point - Goal). Mainly a defenseman, Cassiday was one of the better players in the league. He only briefly played some goal when Eddie Martin was on the team. He was a boarder renting from Joseph Carvery during the time of the league.

Carvery, Aaron "Pa": Year known to play. 1922 (Defense). Fought the City of Halifax during the 1960's when they tried to relocate Blacks from Africville. Last man to leave Africville in 1970.

Carvery, Fredrick: born Feb. 20, 1884. Year known to play 1922 (Sub). It is clear he was a substitute with the team possibly as early 1902 (substitutes were not listed on the starting roster until the 1920's). He was still playing at age 38.

Carvery, James: born Feb. 19, 1879. Years known to play 1899-1922 (Forward, Center, Goal). Named the team Vice President in 1899, he was described as "the star player of his team and the fastest man on the ice" by the Acadian Recorder in 1899 and quite possibly the fastest skater in the league. He was listed as the teams starting goaltender in 1922 at the age of 43.

Carvery, Richard "Dick": born Feb. 16, 1881. Years known to play 1900-22 (Forward, Right Wing). Remarkably was still listed as a substitute in 1922 at age 41.

Carvery, William Sr.: born Aug.8, 1875. Years known to play 1899-1904 (Goal). He was the uncle of James, Richard, and Fredrick. It was noted in the Acadian Recorder "he stopped shot after shot, and even in the senior [White] league better work would not be seen." - 1902.

Carvery, William Jr.: born Dec. 15, 1898. Years known to play 1922 (Sub). He was the son of William Sr.

Dixon, Allen: born March 23, 1878. Years known to play 1899-1904 (Forward-Point - Rover). He is the brother of James and Wallace and cousin of world famous boxer George Dixon. He did play one game for the Eurekas 1899 (vs. Jubilees). His father was Rev. Edward Dixon.

Dixon, James E.: born June 3rd, 1882. Years known to play 1898-1922 (Forward - Point - Goal- Left Wing). He was the team Captain and the other half of the offense with James Carvery. His first recorded game came in 1898 playing goal for the Eurekas (vs. Dartmouth). The next year, the Sea-Sides were formed with James as Team Secretary. Him and his brother Wallace owned their own Grocery store in the 1920's - J. W. Dixon Groceries. He was still playing competitive hockey until at least age 39.

Dixon, Wallace: born Aug. 6th, 1879. Years know to play 1899-1904. (Forward - Cover Point). He severed in the No.2 Construction Battalion WWI.

Dixon, Richard "Dick": born Feb. 1st, 1872. Years known to play 1922 (Forward). Richard was likely a substitute with the team possibly as early 1899. He was still playing at age 38.

Howe, William G. Jr.: born Jan 11, 1880. Listed as Sea-Sides executive, no record of playing.

MacDonald, T.G.: Listed as Sea-Sides Team Treasure and Manager.

Mantley, __: years played: 1922 (Forward).

Paris, James: born Aug. 20, 1871. Years known to play 1899-1900 (Point-Goal). He is listed as the team's first President.

Paris, James Jr.: born July 8, 1895. Year known to play 1922 (Defense-Wing). He also played a game for Truro in1922 and he served with the No 2 Construction Battalion WWI.


Cook, __: year known to play 1903 (Point).

Cook, Frank: year known to play 1922 (Wing).

Cummins, __ : year known to play 1903 (Point -Left Wing).

Halfkenny, Robert: year known to play 1922 (Sub).

Izzerd, __:

Jackson, __: year known to play 1903 (Rover).

Jones, Frank: year known to play 1922 (Wing).

Jordon, __: year known to play 1922 (Defense).

Lee. L: year known to play 1903 (Rover).

Martin, David: year known to play 1922 (Defense).

Martin, R.: year known to play 1922 (Sub).

Martin, L: year known to play 1903 (Center-Goal).

Parsons, Joe: year known to play 1903 (Goal). Played on Championship Royals baseball team 1907.

Riley, __: year known to play 1903 (Left Wing).

Ross, H: year known to play 1903 (Cover Point).

Ross, George: year known to play 1903 (Right Wing). Played on Championship Royals baseball team 1907.

Tankard, H.: year known to play 1922 (Sub).

Williams, David "Louse": year known to play 1922 (Center).

Williams, __: year known to play 1922.


Borden, Charles: born Jan 5, 1875. Years known to play 1895-98. (Forward & Point) Relative of Fred Borden and Pastor James Borden of the Dartmouth Lake Church.

Borden, Fred "Freddie": born July 1864. Years known to play 1899-1900. (Goal & Forward) Freddie Borden apparently played much longer. In 1900 he played one game in goal for Eurekas (vs. Sea Sides) as a replacement. Acadian Recorder: "Freddie Borden at goal gave an exhibition of goal keeping that has seldom been seen here . . . He was carried off the ice by his admirers after the game for his splendid defence." A relative of Charles and James Borden.

Brown, John "Cut": born Aug. 27, 1860, Years known playing years: 1895 & 1899. (Forward). Also played one game for Sea-Sides (vs. Eurekas) as a replacement (1899).

Collins, George: born Sept 7, 1878. Year known playing years 1898.

Flint, Charles: Years known playing years 1895-99. (Forward).

Flint, F.: Years known playing years 1895 (Point).

Franklyn, Henry "Braces": Years known playing years 1895-98 (Forward & Goal) (Captain in 1895). He was said to be only 3' 6" tall and is recognized as the first recorded goalie to go down on ice during a game. Franklyn dies c. 1899 at the approximate of age 38.

Green, B.: Year known playing years 1895 (Cover Point).

Johnson, C.: Years known playing years 1898-1904, (Forward). Named team Captain in 1899.

Johnson, Edward: born: March 31, 1874. Year known playing years: 1898. Died in Halifax Explosion, Dec. 6th 1917.

Johnson, Oscar: Year known playing years 1898.

Kelly, Albert: born July 8, 1880. Years known playing years 1904 (Center).

Lattimore, Gilbert Richard: Years known playing years 1902-04 (Point). A top player for Dartmouth, he was a last minute pick-up for the Eurekas (vs. Truro) in 1902. Involved in "Dynamite Love Affair" incident in 1914 and served with the No. 2 Construction Battalion.

McCann, T.: Year known playing years 1898. Killed in the Halifax Explosion.

Reilly, R.: Year known playing years 1895 (Forward).

Tynes, Thomas "Tommy" Jr: born June 21, 1856. Years known knowns to play pre-1895, 1899. (Forward - Cover Point). Only listed as not being present for a game. He was considered one of the finest hockey players in the region although no accounts of his play exist. His father, Thomas Tynes Sr. was a Deacon at the Dartmouth Lake Church.

Williams, George: born Sept. 15, 1878. Years known to play 1899 -1904 (Point & Goal). Played for the Jubilees from 1899-1902 and the Truro Victorias from 1903-04. Believed to be killed in the Halifax Explosion.


Saunders, Walter: born. Sept.1878. Years known to play 1895, 1899, 1902, 1904 (Forward). Captain of the Dartmouth Victorias (1902), Sauders first appeared on the Halifax Stanleys (1895). He also played for the Dartmouth Jubilees (1899), and the Eurekas (1904).

Lee, __: Year known to play 1902 (Cover Point).


*Provincial Baseball Colored Champions 1921

Adams, Charles: born July 10, 1879. Year known to play 1921 (Sub)

Bunyon, Henry Nat.: born. Feb. 4, 1888. Year known to play 1921 (Point).

Collins, Ralph: born Jan 25, 1898. Year known to play 1921 (Center).

DeLeon, Al: Year known to play 1921 (Wing).

Gibson, C.: Year known to play 1921 (Goal).

Lambert, Harold G.: born Aug 8 1895. Year known to play 1922 (Forward)

Lambert, William T. "Pop Corn": born Feb 19, 1894. Years known to play 1921-22. He is the son of George Lambert.

Richardson, George: born. Feb. 6, 1891. Years known to play: 1921 (Sub)

Taylor, Joe: born 1895. Years known to play 1922 (Cover Point).

Turner, John "Jack": born June 6, 1888. Years known to play 1921-22 (Sub).


Team comprised of the best players from the Halifax Diamonds and Halifax Eurekas.


Adams, Agustus "Gus": born April 5, 1876 - known playing years 1898-1903 (Forward). Older brother to George and a speedy skater.

Adams, George: born June 5. 1879 - known playing years 1885-1904 (Forward - Cover Point -Center). He is the brothers of "Gus" Adams and was known as a fast skater.

Allison, Charles: born June 27, 1882 - known playing years: 1898-1902 (Forward). Known for his goal scoring, Allison along with the Adams brothers was the top forward line in the league. His father, James Allison, was killed in Halifax Explosion.

Allison, Herbert W.: born July 28, 1876 - known playing years: 1902-1904(Goal). Older brother to Charles, Herbert was a good goaltender who was also know to go down on the ice to make a save. "Allison, goal for the Eurekas, put up a star game, stopping the puck in every conceivable way, standing up or sitting down positions was nothing to him." 3-9-04, Acadian Recorder.

Barton, __: known playing years: 1922 (Goal)

Brown, George: born Jan. 24, 1895 - known playing years 1922. (Sub). Served with No. 2 Construction Battalion.

Brindley, __: known playing years: 1922 (Sub).

Carter, Herbert S.: born Dec. 30, 1899 - known playing years: 1922. (Defense).

Davidson, John "Harley": born Oct. 16, 1867 - known playing years: 1900. (Point).

DeLeon, (either Herbert or Frank): Herbert born: July 9, 1897 or Frank born Sept. 25, 1900 - known playing years 1922 (Forward).

Flint, William "Harry" A.: born Nov. 1, 1872 years known to play: 1895,1902,1903 (Goal & Point). He played two games for the Eurkas (1902 & 1903) as an injury replacement. "Adopted the double goaltender positon" (two players in the net at one time) vs West End Rangers in 1902.

Johnson, Stanley: born April 24, 1877: years known to play 1898-99 (Goal) Related to Edward Johnson of the Jubilees.

Mansfield, John: born Feb. 20, 1869, years known to play: 1904 (Sub)(1904). He was a boarder living with the Brown family.

Martin, A. Edward "Eddie": born Nov. 1876: years known to play. 1899 -1902 (Cover Point). Was the Captain of the Eurekas in 1899. Began to play some games for the Sea-Sides and led Africville to the 1901 Maritime Championship. In 1902 Eurekas refused to play the Sea-Sides and walked off the ice. The two teams would not play again until 1904, and Martin, a star of the league would not play again.

Saunders, Laurence: born Feb. 18, 1879: years known to play 1904 (Sub).

Symonds, Frank L.: - Halifax Eurekas.: born April 8, 1971. Years known to play: 1895. He was a boarder.

Skinner, Adophus Francis: born Aug. 9, 1869: years known to play 1902-04. Became Captain after Eddie Martin left the team. 1905 became the coach and captain of the Amherst Royals baseball and hockey team. He served in the No. 2 Construction Battalion.

Taylor, George: years known to play: 1902-1904 (Cover Point). Became team Captain in 1904 and a stand out player.

Thomas, Walter "Jack": born March 7, 1873: years known to play: 1898-1900 (Forward -Point). He was a domestic, living at the home of William (age 71) and Elizabeth Brown (age 69) helping the family.

Tolliver, George "Charlie": born Feb. 14, 1865: years known to play: 1899-1906 (Point - Forward) - A top player, he was known for his physical play, "introduced his flying body check" Acadian Recorder 1906. Both his sons served with No. 2 Construction Battalion.

Tynes __: years known to play: 1922 (Forward). It isn't clear which Tynes he was but it is almost certain he was one of the Tynes who had served with No. 2 Construction Battalion.

Wilson __: years known to play: 1898 (Forward).


Adams, Agustus "Gus": (Point) - played for Eurekas (see Eurekas for bio)

Allison, Charles: (Point) - played for Eurekas (see Eurekas for bio)

Carter, Alfred: born April 8, 1872 - (Forward) - no record of playing again.

Clyke, George: (Goal) started Truro Victorias (see Victorias for bio)

McKerrow, B.: (Forward) - Relative of Rev. Peter McKerrow and a replacement referee for one game in 1898.

Saunders, Frank: (Captain) - no record of playing again, killed Halifax explosion Dec. 6, 1917.

Saunders, Walter: see Dartmouth Victorias for bio.


Only mention of a team in 1904. No games recorded.

Emmerson, Albert: years known to play: 1904. Team Captain 1904, his father is Alexander Emmerson Hammond Plains Baptist church clerk.


Ash, Alex: years known to play: 1899.

Bard: years known to play: 1922 (Sub).

Buchanan, D: years known to play: 1899.

Cassidy, J.: years known to play 1902 (Point).

Clyke, Ansel: born April 8, 1891: 1910, 1922, 1930 (Forward). Played for 1930 Truro Sheiks.

Clyke, Alexander: born Feb. 12, 1896 years known to play: 1922 (Goal).

Clyke, George: born April 25, 1877: years known to play: 1895-1904 (Center-Point). George Clyke is first mentioned as a player for the Halifax Stanleys in 1895. He is the founder of the Victorias an team Captain from 1899 -1904. He was the star player of the team and one of the top players in the league.

Clyke, James A.: born Feb, 20, 1889: years known to play:(Goal)(1903)(1904)

Clyke, Joesph Palmer: years known to play: 1922 (Sub). He served with the No. 2 Construction Battalion.

Clyke, Oscar: born April 27, 1881: years known to play: 1899.

Clyke, William H.: born Feb 10, 1883: years known to play: 1903 & 1910

Connolley, Willie: years known to play: 1899.

Mantos, __: years known to play: 1922 (Defense).

Martin, Marty: years known to play: 1903-10 (Left Wing). The Victorias became a much better team once Martin arrived in the lineup. It is apparent he was one of the stars of the Victorias. "some of the (Martin's) stunts . . . were thrilling . . . he electrified the audience by a sensational double somersault winding up with a vicious swing at an opponent, who wasn't there" Truro Daily News, 1910.

Parris, Arthur: years known to play: 1899.

Paris, Alexander Joseph: unknown date of birth: years known to play: 1903-04 (Rover). He served with the No. 2 Battalion.

Parris, O.: years known to play: 1903-04 (Right Wing).

Paris, Norman: born Aug. 14, 1874: years known to play: 1899.

Parris, T.: years known to play: 1922 (Center).

Shepard, Wilbert: born Sept. 29, 1897 - years known to play: 1922 (Sub).

Talbot, Tude. : years known to play: 1922-30 (Wing-Center). He is listed as a Center on the 1930 all-Black Truro Sheiks (successor of the Victorias)

Taylor, Joe: years known to play: 1904. He was the uncle of Eureka's cover-point (defenseman) George Taylor.


Byers, Edmond: years known to play: 1900-03 (Point). Weighing over 200 pounds, Byers was a physical defensive presence. The "big fellow" was a cousin of the boxer George"the Budge" Byers (the Champion Colored boxer of New England who fought in three World Champion title fights, lost all three).

Crosby, E.: years known to play: 1903 (Goal).

DeCourcey: years known to play: 1902 (Forward). He replaced one of the Mills after they moved.

McNeill, A. "Harry": years known to play: 1900-03 (Goal - Center).

Mills, George "Hurley": years known to play: 1900-03 (Cover Point). Played for the Eurekas in 1903-4.

Mills, John "Jack" T.: years known to play: 1900-04 (Rover). Captain. In 1947, former West End Rangers star Jack Mills died with obituary was published in both the Charlottetown Guardian and New Glasgow Clarion: "The death occurred at the Charlottetown Hospital last night of a well known and highly respected citizen of Charlottetown, John T. Mills. The deceased was born in Charlottetown on February 24th, 1873, and spent most of his life in this city. For a number of years he followed the sea acting as cook on many different ships. The late Mr. Mills was also employed in a similar role at the Victoria and Queen hotels here, as well as for various units of the militia during their training periods. He was keenly interested in sports and was a speed skater of distinction; his record of 18 miles in 50 minutes established on the East River ice on April 10, 1892 still remains unbroken. He was a member of the famous West End Rangers hockey squad, five members of which bore the Mills name. He, with his father and brothers, was a member of the ?West End colored brass band? of some years back. The late Mr. Mills is survived by four daughters and two sons . . ."

Mills, Albert "Bert": years known to play: 1900-03 (Left Wing).

Mills, Lemuel "Lewis": born Aug. 24, 1882: years known to play: 1902-04 (Right Wing). Played for West End Ranger in 1903 and Eurekas in 1904.

Mills, Oliver: born. Nov. 25, 1883: years known to play: 1904 (Point) - played for Eureka's.

Ryan, Al: years known to play: 1902 (Center).

Stanley, __: years known to play: 1903 (Cover Point).


New Glasgow Speed Boys

Indication is that there was a team in New Glasgow unclear what their original name is in c.1904 since there are no records of any games. It is uncertain, but it is believed the original name was the Rovers, and they changed their name to the Speed Boys due to confusion with an all-White team with the same name.

Africville Brown Bombers (late-1920?s)

Jack Desmond
Freeman Johnson
Harold Colley
Elmer Jones
Vic Jones
Gordon Jemmott
Leo Adams
Bess Husbans
Chink Tynes
Billy Parker
Lewis Jones -- Boxer "Snook" Jones father
Max Halfkenny
Bobby James
Frank Adams -- Goaltender

Truro Sheiks -- 1930

Edward Clyke
Buster Clyke
Joe Paris
St. Claire Byard
Tude Talbot
Wilfred Jordan
Ansel Clyke
Fred "Ted" Dorrington
Simmonds Clyke


Born 1850's

Thomas "Tommy" Tynes Jr. - Jubilees - born June 21, 1856

Born 1860's

James "Cut" Brown - Dartmouth - born Sept 1, 1860
Fred "Freddie" Borden,- Jubilees- born July, 1864
George "Charlie" Tolliver - Eurekas - Feb. 14th 1865
John "Harley" Davidson - Eurekas born Oct. 16, 1867
John Mansfield - Eurekas - Born, Feb. 20, 1869
Adophus Francis Skinner - Eurekas - born Aug. 9, 1869

Born 1870's

Henry "Braces" Franklyn - Jubilees - born, 1870
James Paris - Sea Sides - born Aug. 20, 1871
Richard "Dick" Dixon - Sea-Sides - born Feb. 1, 1872
Alfred Carter - Stanleys - born April 8, 1872
William "Harry" A. Flint - Jubilees - born Nov. 1, 1872
John "Jack" T. Mills - West End Rangers - born Feb. 24, 1873
Walter "Jack" Thomas - Eurekas - born March 7, 1873
Edward Johnson - Jubilees - born: March 31, 1874
Norman Paris - Victorias - born Aug. 14, 1874
Charles Borden - Jubilees Jan 5, 1875
William Carvery - Sea Sides - Aug. 8, 1875
James R. F. Johnston - League Official - born March 12, 1876
Agustus "Gus" Adams - Eurekas - born April 5, 1876
Herbert W. Allison - Eurekas - born July 28, 1876
Edward A. E. Martin - Eurekas - born Nov. 1876
Stanley Johnson - Eurekas - born April 24, 1877
George Clyke - Victorias - born April 25, 1877
John Cassidy - Sea-Sides - born March 14, 1878
Allen Dixon ? Sea-Sides - born March 23, 1878
Walter Saunders - Stanley/Jubilees- born. Sept. 1878
George Collins ? Jubilees - born Sept 7, 1878
George Williams ? Jubilees/Victorias born Sept. 15, 1878:
Laurence Saunders - Eurekas - born Feb. 18, 1879
James Carvery - Sea Sides - born Feb. 19, 1879
James A. R. Kinney - Manager Eurekas - born Feb. 25, 1879
George Adams - Eurekas - born June 5. 1879
Wallace Dixon - Sea-Sides - born Aug. 6, 1879

Born 1880's

Albert Kelly - Jubilees - born July 8, 1880
Richard "Dick" Carvery ? Sea-Sides - born Feb. 16, 1881
Ansel Clyke - Victorias - born April 8, 1891
Oscar Clyke - Victorias - born April 27, 1881
James E. Dixon - Sea Sides - born June 3, 1882
Charles Allison - Eurekas - born June 27, 1882
Lewis Mills - Eurekas - born Aug. 24, 1882
William H. Clyke - Victorias - born Feb 10, 1883
Oliver Mills - Eurekas - born Nov. 25, 1883
Fredrick Carvery - Sea Sides - born Feb. 20, 1884
Henry Nat. Bunyon - Diamonds -born. Feb. 4, 1888
James A. Clyke - Victorias - born Feb, 20, 1889

Born 1890's

William T. "Pop Corn" Lambert - Diamonds - born Feb 19, 1894
George Brown - Eurekas - born Jan. 24, 1895
James Paris Jr. - Victorias - born July 8, 1895
Harold G. Lambert - Diamonds - born Aug 8 1895
Joe Taylor - Diamonds - born 1895
William Carvery Jr. - Seas Sides - born Dec. 15, 1898
Herbert S. Carter - Eurekas - born Dec. 30 - 1899


Gilbert Richard Lattimore - Dartmouth Jubilees- 1904
Adophus Francis Skinner - Halifax Eurekas - Captain -1902-04
George Brown - Halifax Eurekas - 1922
Wallace Dixon - Africville Sea Sides - 1899-1904
James Paris Jr. - Africville Sea Sides - 1922
Alexander Joesph Paris - Truro Victorias - 1903-04
Joesph Palmer Clyke - Truro Victorias - 1922
John Mansfield ? Halifax Eurekas ? 1904

*George "Charlie" Tolliver had two sons serve with the No. 2 Battalion and Albert R. Tabbe had one son serve with the No. 2 Battalion

*Note: a number of family names that correspond with known players in the league appear on the No. 2 Construction Rosters implying that a larger number of family members of league players were involved with the No. 2. Records for the battalion unfortunately are incomplete.

*The brothers, Herbert and Clinton Halfkenny of the Amherst Royals baseball team, may have played hockey and served with the 106th Battalion, CEF.


1895 - Halifax Stanley
1896 - Halifax Eurekas
1897 - Halifax Eurekas
1898 - Halifax Eurekas
1899 - Halifax Eurekas
1900 - Halifax Eurekas
1901 - Africville Sea Sides & West End Rangers claim share
1902 - Africville Sea Sides & West End Rangers claim share
1903 - Halifax Eurekas & West End Rangers claim share
1904 - Halifax Eurekas
1905 - Halifax Eurekas
1906 - Halifax Eurekas
1907-1913 - No public records of games.
1914 -1919 - League suspended due to War.
1920 - Truro Victorias
1921 - West End Rangers
1922 - Amherst Royals
1930 - Truro Sheiks